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Light Mantras (energy lifting & healing singing)

Six years ago, I discovered the world of mantras. I started to deal with it intensively and now I sing a mantra every day. The effect is amazing. I am more calm, my thoughts are relaxed, I feel more basic trust, light and above all love.

My goal is to carry out this healing effect of mantra singing into the world and bringing it to as many people as possible. In the form of circles, which I regularly offer, one has the opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of mantras and to experience their healing and positive effects themselves.
Mantra singing is a form of meditation and is supposed to put you into a kind of primal vibration by constantly repeating various positive affirmations, proverbs and prayers. In the content of the words, the mind comes to rest, the space of the heart opens, a positive feeling of life spreads throughout the body.

Reciting mantras should thus free the mind from negative thought patterns, ideas, and connect and heal it with its positive and healing vibration.
For some time now I have also been singing and writing mantras in a language of light. This language came from the sudden spiritual connection with the frequency of the Elohim, powerful angels who have been supporting, helping and healing humans since the beginning of creation. The greatest power of Elohim is love.

The word Elohim comes from the Hebrew and was translated at the time of Jesus as “God”. The language thus also has Hebrew, Aramaic syllables, sounds and facets, but is in itself a highly resonant light language.
Whenever I sing in that language, I feel lighter within minutes and lighter, hovering and lifted. Simply good!

It is very important to me that other people can also benefit from this highly vibrating language, and I am very happy to be able to share it with you in my singing-healing-circles and in my light and sound transmissions.

Below you can listen into some light language mantras

leshevés neiród 
leshevés neiród ma´á bel – connect yourself with the devine


trochtád´e shevál 
trochtád´e shevál neród neré – you are part of the universe


neid´e sheik
neid´e sheik nemesál dureid´e shevál namahás´e –
let the old crusts fall, come into the new