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media advice & accompaniment (individual session)

You don’t have any clarity at the moment, you feel disoriented, it no longer works properly in a partnership, you don’t know where to go in your life or what the next steps should be? Then you are exactly right with me. In my one-on-one sessions, I look with you to see where you are right now and how we remove blockages or stones on your way piece by piece so that your flow of life is activated again and you can live your potential and your light. In the individual sessions I work with intuitive & medial techniques, as well as the aura technique, sound healing and channeling.

About a year ago, I myself received an aura technique treatment from a very great aura technician from Germany. Already during and after the treatment, I felt very deeply that I really wanted to learn this technique as well.
I felt the positive effect of the treatment and was simply fascinated by this new technique, which Petra Köhne (Germany) has channeled and developed.
Half a year later, I was allowed to start training and am now medically certified aura technician.
It gives me great pleasure to help and accompany people as a lightworker.
The treatment is combined with healing chants tailored to the client, which further enhance the effect.
This energy medicine is one of the new forms of treatment of the future

Here is a description of the Aura Technique:
As a form / methodology of spiritual healing, the aura technique serves to activate the self-healing powers.
Working area here is the aura of man.
Every living being – humans, animals and also plants –
has besides the visible, physical body also an invisible astral body, an energy field – the aura of our subtle body, which surrounds us on onion-like layers.
Our aura senses and stores every situation and its associated feelings, thoughts and sensations on a subtle level.
All experiences, problems, traumas, injuries on physical and psychological level are stored in our body and our aura.

So if we have a theme / problem, it’s already visible as a block in our auric field before we notice the symptoms associated with it.
Since every physical impairment is also reflected in the aura,
it is obvious that many ailments can also be processed in the aura.
These include in particular physical and mental blockages, strains of any kind,
allergies, fears, depression, pain, etc. to gross physical impairment.

And here is the Aura Technique:
One uses the vibration and state of the aura to locate blockages, disharmonies, and vulnerabilities, and to bring them into harmony and salvation / healing.

Aim of the Aura Technique:

– Joint exploration of the cause

– Eliminate the blockage using a variety of techniques as aura- cleansing at different levels, erase allergy & other physical complaints, removal of external energies , therapeutic returns, magnetopathy, medial & personal consultation, channeling uvm.

– Discuss the original topic or issue

Important here is the holistic view of body / mind and soul with the aim that the disease can dissolve in the best case.
The use of aura technique in the treatment of health ailments is used to activate the self-healing powers and replaces neither the diagnosis nor the visit of a doctor.

Price: An aura technique session for 90Euro (60 min), 120Euro (90 min)
Aura technique is also offered together with sound and light treatment,
price: 90Euro (60 min)