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About me

Hello! I greet you heartily
I am a singer / sound healer, voice educator, light worker and channel medium.
I love helping people to find their inner balance and to feel their essence, calmness and strength.
In this life I was presented with a beautiful and touching singing voice, which I have trained, refined and researched over the past 20 years.
Even as a child I was very sensitive and empathetic. These skills have also increased and expanded over time.
As a channel medium, it is my strength to create a bridge between the spiritual and earthly world and thus to work very intuitively and with great enthusiasm with my customers. I can clearly perceive which issues / situations / blockages still have to be resolved in order to really achieve a lasting balance, calm and strength.
I would be happy to help you and activate processes for your inner development and development of potential through holistic voice development, singing (mantras, power songs, pop songs, intuitive & free singing), sound healing, guided meditations and light transmissions, aura technology / aura surgery, light body exercises and personal & media advice.

SoundHealing is my specialty here! I transmit very high and healing energy frequencies from the spiritual world through my intuitive singing to my customers, which have a beneficial and healing effect on body / mind and soul.
A journey to yourself, full of magic, wonder and music.
Are you ready? I’m here for you
Your Magdalena Maria Piatti