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About me

Hello! I greet you heartily
I am a singer / sound healer, holistic voice trainer, light worker and mentor for selfworth, strength and alignment.
I love helping people to find their inner balance and to feel their essence, calmness and strength.
In this life I was presented with a beautiful and touching singing voice, which I have trained, refined and researched over the past 20 years.
Even as a child I was very sensitive and empathetic. These skills have also increased and expanded over time.
As a light worker, it is my strength to create a bridge between the spiritual and earthly world and thus to work very intuitively and with great enthusiasm with my customers. I can clearly perceive which issues / situations / blockages still have to be resolved in order to really achieve a lasting balance, calm and strength.
I would be happy to help you and activate processes for your inner development and development of potential through individual healing sessions, holistic voice opening, singing, healing voice transmission, ennergetic constellation work, guided meditations and light body exercises.

The voice is my specialty here! I transmit very high and healing energy frequencies from the spiritual world through my intuitive singing to my customers, which have a beneficial and healing effect on body / mind and soul.
A journey to yourself, full of magic, wonder and music.
Are you ready? I’m here for you
Your Magdalena Maria Piatti