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Next courses in 2023:

Fall in love with your voice
“Your voice is your power”
10 week course / module 1

Contents of the course:
– Voice development for the singing and speaking voice
– Traditional singing exercises
– Improvisation & Intuitive Singing
– voice with movement (breath -tone -tone, dance, inti-integrity)
– Bodywork & Touch
– Chakra opening
– Sound journey to integrate, let go and relax
– 10x group vocal coaching (singing in a group, partner exercises and alone in front of the group – only if you want)
– 1x individual vocal coaching 1:1
– 1x Individual Healing Session 1:1 (dissolution of old beliefs, fears/insecurity regarding your voice)

This course is good for you if you:
– want to free, activate and strengthen your voice
– want to accept and enjoy your voice
– like to sing
– want to work on you and insecurities related to your voice
– want to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence through your voice
– want to get more into your strength and your body
– want to liberate and heal your femininity through the voice

You don’t need any previous singing experience for the course. It is important that you enjoy experimenting and getting to know your voice.
The group vocal coaching takes place in 10 units on Fridays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Zentrum Sangha, Stuckgasse 15, 1070 – Vienna.
If you are not sure yet whether you want to book the entire course, you can come and try it on Friday, September 22nd and then decide.
All other dates are:
Friday – 29.9, 6.10, 13.10, 20.10, 27.10, 3.11, 10.11, 17.11, 24.11, 1.12

Your investment: 499,-
Price for taster session: 20,-
If you have completed the course in module 1, then you are entitled (if you wish) to attend the course in module 2, in which we will deepen your skills even further.
If you have decided on the course / module 1, please register under
info@voice-soul-body.at then you will receive a registration confirmation with all further information from me, as well as a song/exercise script.
I’m looking forward to see you!
Much love and see you soon, your Magdalena

“Empowerment für (hoch)sensible Frauen”
3 Monats Online Programm

– Would you like to stand by yourself and come into your power?

-Would you like to know what your soul-life purpose is and start living it?

– Would you like to strengthen and raise your self-esteem and self-love?

-Do you want to embrace your sensitivity and make it your greatest potential?

– Do you want to fully take your place here on this earth?

– Would you like to invite more abundance and prosperity into your life?

Then you are exactly right with me! In my 3-month online course for highly sensitive women, I will guide you into your strength, self-acceptance and purpose in life with joy and ease. Make your sensitivity your greatest potential!
You will receive practical exercises for everyday life, a workbook, an e-book,
1x Live Zoom per week (2 hours),
3 individual sessions with me (medial support & advice) and constant support in a private FB group. I support you with elements from frequency work, Aura technology & aura surgery, guided meditations, affirmations & light transmissions, quantum healing, holistic voice work, Inti-Integrity (body activation, body exercises), quantum constellations as well as media support & advice

8 modules from the 3-month course will be:

-Self-acceptance & self-confidence

– Strengthen & heal self-esteem

-Energetic protection & purification for everyday life

-grounding -Souls,-life’s work

-Mental team

– Abundance and prosperity

-My new ME

The individual sessions are arranged with me personally
Investment: 1222,-
Its also possible to pay in 3 installments: 444,- a month

Are you ready for your journey?
Then register for a free info session with me at info@voice-soul-body.at
I’m really looking forward to seeing you! Your Magdalena


Light your voice – 8 weeks course
“Voiceopening with ease and joy”

What and how is my voice?
What potential can I get out of my voice?
How can I open and strengthen my voice in connection with body and breath exercises?
How can I authentically show my inner essence through my voice?
How do I manage to like my voice just as it is?
What connection do I have with my voice?
Do I dare to sing to others?
How can I solve personal issues or blockades by liberating my voice?

In this 8-week course you dive into the most diverse facets of your vocal potential, which is always associated with your own personality. You experience openings on the voice level in connection with your body and your breathing. Furthermore, personal healing processes are activated via voice healing and energy work.
No prior knowledge required!

Course content will be refined:
– Getting to know and deepening your own voice
– Common sounding in the group
– Exercises from the breath-tone-tone method
– vocal techniques from traditional singing
– Sensitization of one’s own body perception
– Singing together and learning various songs (mantras, pop songs, Rainbowsongs, etc. …) – Individual lessons / song performance in front of the group possible
(only who wants)
– opening of the chakras via body, – sound, – energy exercises – self-experience in singing through partner exercises
– Final relaxation with meditation and SoundHealing by Magdalena
– Songbook and practice script of the learned exercises included
Course dates: coming soon!

(try out) –  price 33,-
Price: 333,-
Registration with Magdalena under info (et) voice-soul-body.at
or at 0650/244 24 20
I am very happy if you want to be part of it!
See you soon, Magdalena ♥

“In your 8-week course, I got a feeling for and joy in my voice again.
This was mainly due to your encouragement to engage in a “soul melody” on the last 3 course evenings.
Being able to show myself very authentically in a group and singing fluently from the heart was a very special experience.
The breathing exercises with concentration on the chakras were important for me, as well as the partner exercises in singing
I will continue to be loyal to you as soon as I feel intuitively drawn to new offers.”
Hilde S


Dear woman, friend, sister … ♥
I look forward to you and cordially invite you to the upcoming 8-week ONLINE course “Inti-Integrity” (light body exercises for women).
What is inti-integrity and what can you expect in the course?
Inti – Integrity is a self-developed / channeled body exercise series for women. It comes from the ancient tradition of the Inca priestesses and aims to activate and strengthen the primal connection to one’s own self and inner light.
Practicing these exercises brings more inner peace and balance, a holistically stretched and smooth body, clarity and energetic cleansing. For more ease and tranquility in your everyday life.
Dates are:
Every monday  from 19-20: 30 via zoom!
New dates to be announced soon!

If you would like to have a look at the exercises before you book, you can do this in my private group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/InnerBalance.SoundHealing/, where there are 3 hours of free participation.
There is also a short introductory video about Inti-Integrity on youtube: https://youtu.be/4p5966jYdrg
Register at info@voice-soul-body.at or at
0650/244 24 20 if you want to be there.
I’m looking forward to. totally on you and practicing together! ♥
Your Magdalena ♥

“This course amazes me!
After each session I had a wonderful body feeling, I was completely myself and felt renewed. The new energy and connection was so noticeable for me and many of the exercises are easy to incorporate into everyday life, which always reminds me of this great condition.
My challenge was to find relaxation. With the Inti-Integrity exercises I found not only that, but it is another loving step towards being a woman.
Magdalena’s company is simply worth its weight in gold.”
Susanne B.