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Healing Voice  (group session)

… a new series of events that developed from Magdalena Maria’s sound and light work so far.
Magdalena uses these healing evenings as a channel.
Through her healing singing voice and her connection to the spiritual world, she brings personal processes into motion, increase the vibration frequency and activates a deep state of relaxation.

In this videos you you can listen to her healing voice
SoundHealing for the causal & navel chakra

Expiration of this healing evening “healing voice “:
First, your body is prepared through a meditation on it so that the spiritual world energetically can work on and with you.
Then begins the sound and light transmission that Magdalena receives directly as a channel and is transmitted via her voice and energy work.
You do not have to do anything, sitting or lying you receive the healing sounds and healing energies.

The effects are:
– Clarification of energetic blockages and limiting structures to the root
– Relief of thought patterns, behaviors, complaints and dependencies that burden and constrict.
– Transformation and cleansing at several levels
– Recognition of one’s own abilities and the unfolding of the true being
– heart opening and reconnection to the soul
– deep relaxation

Preparation for the evening:
Think about an intention to come to the healing evening. This is good for the spiritual world to work and help you more purposefully.
Avoid meat, sugar, coffee, alcohol, nicotine and greasy foods on the day.
Drink enough water and also the days after the healing evening. The work on and with you may last up to 5-7 days.

I am pleased to serve as a channel and to be able to work.
Please contact me if you want to come.
Contribution for the evening are 55 euros.
Start is 18:00 and finish at 20:30!
Location: Heiljurte, 1170 Wien

I am looking forward to your coming.
Magdalena Maria Piatti

The sound and light work does not replace a doctor or therapist!!!
The word healing implies the activation of self healing powers.
There is no promise that the desired effect will occur 100 percent

In the audio below  you can listen to a “live” light transmission.
Topic is: Energetic cleansing of the physical body & crystal light activation