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Inti – Integrity / light body series for women

Inti – Integrity is a series of physical exercises for women developed by
Magdalena Maria herself.
These are exercises that embody your connection to the divine, pure light.
After a long trip to South America and a stay in Peru, the exercises have been shaped and shown. Based on the ancient Inca tradition of priests and priestesses, Magdalena has gained access to the exercises that were practiced back in the ancient Inca period.
The aim was to get more connected to INTI (Quechua, the ancient language of the Inca, translated as “sun”, “light” or “god”).
The practice of the exercises went so far as to bring body, soul, and spirit into a higher vibration that led to the dematerialization that the Incas used for many of their creative fields.
So it is very important to me to spread Inti – Integrity on earth and to connect old knowledge with the new time in which we live today. The physical exercises are designed to relax and strengthen internal organs, stretch body parts and activate and cleanse chakras.
These exercises strenghten the Yin and thus help us women to regain our original strength, connection and wisdom and to connect with them.
Always in connection with the divine light, which runs as a common thread through almost all exercises.
Practising Inti-Integrity brings more inner peace and balance, a holistically stretched and supple body, energetic cleansing that brings more ease into everyday life and more connection to your own self.

In three sessions I can go through the entire series of exercises with you , explain, teach so that you can continue to practice at home.
There will also be workshops and ongoing classes … to be anounced !!!

Three individual sessions of 120 minutes each, including an e-book
(with all descriptions plus photos of all exercises) by mail: 250 Euro
Im looking forward very much!

Magdalena Maria